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How to Watch Hotstar in USA

Unlike Netflix, Hotstar also offers live coverage of sports and news. Hotstar serves subcontinent’s obsessions to the extent that Indian expats miss watching their favorite shows, movies and live coverage of cricket and news as it happens abroad.

The Best VPN Routers for your Home in 2019

VPN router is all about enjoying individual freedom by having a shared privacy tool; buying a standard router might save some bucks but ends up technical disasters. So, invest your hard-earned money in something that

5 Best VPNs for MacOS to Surf Anonymously

A Mac for VPN adds a significant layer of protection against all the potential zero-day vulnerabilities that you might not know about yet; thanks to an encrypted tunnel and masked IP address that a VPN offers toward mitigating such threats.

Top 5 Absolutely Free VPN Services of 2019

Unfortunately, free VPNs are usually restricted in one way or another; no matter how quickly the market for free VPN is rising, your online privacy is still at stake. Practically speaking, anything which is free always end up in more

How to Hide Your IP Address – 4 Easy Ways

Persky advertisers are lurking around to access your IP address so they can serve you loads and loads of ads. If you don’t want targeted ads to kill your mood while you are enjoying streaming, gaming, browsing or chatting, then you should use a VPN

Who Has The Fastest And Slowest Internet in the World?

Always stay protected when you browse online as you can be a victim of cyber criminals that are always on the lookup to steal data. For that, it is advisable to use a fast VPN connection whenever you browse for work or entertainment purpose.