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Best VPN for CanadaHacking attacks of all forms, may it be a ransomware or phishing attack, have spread across the world and the prime targets are the technologically-advanced countries. Canada is in the top 3 list of such countries. Apart from external hacking attacks, internet users in Canada suffered from inside surveillance as well. Canada is the second country to implement state-wide-strict online surveillance as being part of 5-Eyes countries which has now become 14-Eyes. Individuals and businesses both are highly vulnerable to cybersecurity threats, and this is the reason why the demand of Canada VPN is increasing immensely.

Before going into further details, let’s have a list of expert-recommended top 5 best VPN for Canada.

Thoroughly Analyzed and Tested VPNs for Canada

Now, let’s debate that why one needs a VPN in Canada. 

Why Do You Need a VPN in Canada?

Canadian Internet Registration Authority issued a survey report in 2018 which stated that 40% of the respondents experience a cyber-attack last year. Moreover, according to the Trustwave Global Security Report, the global cost of cybercrime in 2017 was estimated to be USD 600 Billion. This included the cost to protect small scale companies and global internet from DDoS attacks and the massive upswing of Bitcoin mining malware. The stats speak volume and show the dire need for security software that guarantees privacy in Canada.

We all are internet addicts and feel annoyed when they are restricted on the internet. Some Canadians for instance, are so obsessed with American TV shows that they hate missing out on an episode. This is especially when they are on the go or have traveled to a region where the provider has geo-restriction due to copyright laws. 

Similarly, those who reside in Canada face online privacy issues because Canada is included in the 5-eyes alliance. Canadian government authorizes Communication Security Establishment (CSE) to monitor what millions of Canadians do on the internet. CSE is allowed to collect;

  • Phone Number
  • Geo-location
  • IP Address

The 5 Eyes and Surveillance Laws in Canada

Canada has a number of laws that have boosted surveillance capabilities, this has concerned privacy preacher. 

  • Bill C-11 – Copyright Modernization Act

It requires search engines and ISPs to set a notice and retain logs of users’ activities and identities. All this is done to ensure if a copyright holder notifies about any kind of infringement, then the authorities can identify and fine the offender. This law aims to encourage “Fair Use” of copyrighted material and discourage torrenting.

  • Bill C-51 – Anti-Terrorism Act

C-51 is a highly controversial law according to which CSIS can hack or access any device that is connected to the internet. This law was passed in 2015 in light of a possible terror threat. After this law CSIS powers have greatly expanded, on the contrary, it has triggered privacy activists to protest for their right to privacy. 

After all these laws, there’s one question raised in everyone’s mind and that is:

Is VPN Legal in Canada?

Yes, they are!

Without a VPN, small scale Canadian businesses wouldn’t be able to protect their data online additionally; traveling employers would lose their control on digital privacy. VPNs are often used by companies for professional use rather than individuals; this is why it is unlikely for them to be legally banned in Canada.  

Here’s what we analyzed for crafting a list of the best VPNs Canada. 

What to Look in the Best Canadian VPN?

Best VPN Canada Numbers of Server in Canada (as of 2019)
ExpressVPN 4
CyberGhost 160
NordVPN 385
IPVanish 32
Private Internet Access 216

Wide Array of Optimized Servers

NordVPN has the most number of servers in Canada. NordVPN profoundly protects your privacy and obscures your internet traffic by encrypting it so that your ISP cannot log or monitor your communication activity on the web. Moreover, these servers are P2P-friendly and also offer unlimited bandwidth with blazing fast connection speed.

Almost every Canadian owns 3 devices to use the internet. Makers of NordVPN know how to keep you covered; it provides 6 simultaneous connections from a single subscription.

Security Features and Encryption

You need to look into certain features before subscribing to the best VPN for Canada. Overlooking these features might risk your online privacy. ExpressVPN is maestros when compared to its competitors. It has all the necessary features that make up a perfect Canadian VPN for anonymity. ExpressVPN’s features include:

  • 3000+ global servers in 160 locations
  • Perfect for Streaming Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HULU.
  • Strict No log Policy
  • Out of 14-Eyes Alliance
  • Encrypts with 256-bit AES
  • Offer 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Live Chat for swift customer Support
  • VPN Split Tunneling Feature
  • Zero-Knowledge DNS

Want else do you need from a VPN?

VPN Providers Business Location

Before you opt for a VPN service in Canada makes sure that the VPN you choose isn’t based in countries that comprise 14 eyes alliance.

14 Eyes is an expanded version of the 5 eyes which is derived from the UK & USA agreement. Countries that are part of such alliance agree to collect, analyze and share intelligence information with each other. This program was initially stated to counter the Soviets Union and China during the cold war. 

Perks of Using A Canadian VPN

Watch American TV in Canada and Vice Versa

If you have ever tried to watch the latest viral video or a TV show from the south of the border, then you know how frustrating it can be. Similarly, if you’ve traveled somewhere out of the country and want to visit a Canada-only website, then it is also annoying to get restricted.

A VPN in Canada can assure your anonymity and can help you get unrestricted access to the content from the south of the Canadian border. You can watch all your favorite CTV, and the French language shows that are hard to stream if you are outside the national boundaries. Best VPN for Canada can assure that you stay connected no matter where you travel.

A Secure Way to Travel within Canada

A Canada VPN is more than just to watch American TV and Movies anywhere you want. One key benefit of Canada VPN service is that it provides additional security when surfing online. A VPN protects traffic by encrypting the data flow from your computer to the server. Military-grade AES-256bit is an advanced encryption standard that is used to protect your internet traffic from prying eyes.

Safe for Torrenting

Canada has strict anti-torrenting laws that discourage P2P downloading. Torrents websites have copyright material which violates copyright terms, and when a user downloads such content, then he is liable to copyright infringements.

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Moreover, copyright holders have started a crackdown after the federal court ordered to name the people being targeted back in 2016. Last year movie right holders issued a lawsuit to more than 1000 Canadians, and they actually won the damage up to $5,000.

Did you know that the feds can knock at your door anytime when you download a torrent?

They cannot if you use a VPN in Canada! Here is how;

A VPN masks your IP address with another one of its own, this way authorities cannot trace yourself easily. It’s even simpler than it sounds!

Watch WWE Network in Canada with VPN

If you are a big fan of wrestling and want to watch a live stream of the much-awaited event then here is the solution. Use Canada VPN and bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy the favorite sport.

  • Select a VPN from the table above
  • Buy their subscription from the official website
  • Download and install the application on your device
  • Launch VPN after complete the installation phase
  • Select US server from the list of servers and hit connect.

Why Should You Avoid Free Subscriptions of VPNs?

Just like every other industry, the VPN market also has some good and bad products. The factors that help differentiate between the two are;

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Pricing

VPNs that charge no money for their subscription are more vulnerable; they sell your data and fail to provide you the basic privacy. Consider reading this CSIRO study which investigated that 283 VPNs were found selling data. Thank God, we have never suggested such VPNs!

Final Verdict

Virtual Private Networks provide immense protection and security against any online threat. Best Canada VPN keeps cybercriminals away and allows you to access popular streaming platforms such as Netflix US, BBC iPlayer and HULU.

We hope that this article answered many of your queries and look forward to your feedback in the comments sections below.

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