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  • No log policy
  • Global servers – 148 servers across 94 countries
  • Privacy-conscious – Anonymous IP, Kill-Switch, P2P servers, etc.
  • Safe jurisdiction – British Virgin Island
  • Torrenting is allowed
  • Strong encryption – 256-bit AES
  • VPN apps for every device – Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, etc.
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Netflix friendly
  • Educational Features for your VPN knowledge
  • No free trial but offer 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Comparatively expensive
  • Limited simultaneous connection – only 3 devices with 1 subscription

Editor’s Rating




ExpressVPN ReviewWhat comes to your mind when we say best operating system – Microsoft, best smartphone – Apple, best antivirus – Avast, and if you’re a privacy-conscious geek and we say VPN, ExpressVPN strikes your senses.

ExpressVPN, a trusted name in the VPN industry, known to be the fastest, most-secure yet highly anonymous with slick interface VPN for almost all the OS existed so far.

This leading VPN has a network of 2,000+ global servers across 148 and continuing VPN locations, optimized enough to serve faster connections and unlimited bandwidth without throttling. To be in the line of other providers, ExpressVPN compliments your online protection with 256-bit AES encryption, kill switch, DNS/IPv6 leak protection, and split tunneling; means no more hacking and surveillance. 

There’s so much more than this Netflix-friendly VPN, for that you’ve to scan through this ExpressVPN review; we’re sure you would end up buying ExpressVPN subscription. 

Though ExpressVPN is not going to be light on your pocket, believe me! Your every penny would be worth spending. The spectacular unblocking capabilities coupled with its extraordinary security measures are making ExpressVPN, the best choice and one-size-fits-all VPN. This VPN is for those who are willing to pay a bit more for robust security, great design, fantastic customer service, and stable performance.

The So-good Features Of ExpressVPN

Every other VPN provider is claiming to be the best and offering the best features – at least for the sake of users’ satisfaction, but only a few of them capable enough to live up to their claims. ExpressVPN is one of them or better to say a leader that make and break trends in the VPN industry.

ExpressVPN does NOT and WILL NEVER log Your Digital Footprints

Be it IP address, DNS queries, Traffic destination, metadata, or browsing history, ExpressVPN has engineered their apps and VPN servers in a way that eliminate sensitive information categorically. It means no matter what, your data won’t be shared as that doesn’t exist anywhere. As per their privacy policy only apps and its versions, dates (not times) upon VPN connection, server location, total data/day (in MB) are recorded; these data cannot reflect specific network activity or behavior, but help in troubleshooting technical and network issues. 

2,000 VPN Servers in 148 locations across 94 countries

No matter where you’re and what you want to browse, ExpressVPN will serve you dedicatedly. Europe and the US have the best coverage, along with a huge list of locations in Asia and other countries that have rarely covered elsewhere (locations in South America, the Middle East, Africa, and others). This geographical distribution includes regions with notably repressive control over the internet including China, Russia, and Turkey.

ExpressVPN Server Locations

Privacy Is The Key

ExpressVPn offers added privacy in the form of anonymous IP and Kill-Switch, split tunneling, and leak-free DNS. Anonymous IP address would stop disclosing your browsing details; a handy kill switch still protect your digital footprints even when the protection gets lost. VPN split tunneling allows to route some of your traffic through a VPN while letting the rest directly access the internet.

ExpressVPN Privacy Towards Logs
Source: https://www.expressvpn.com/what-is-vpn/policy-towards-logs

Safer jurisdiction

Founded back in 2009, ExpressVPN International Ltd is located in the (almost) the tax-free and sun-kissed British Virgin Islands. Don’t worry!  The British Virgin Islands is outside the jurisdiction of the 5/9/14-eyes alliance.

Torrent friendly

ExpressVPN also allows P2P/torrenting on its servers without any limits. Of course, downloading files via these cause you to run afoul of other regulations.

Strong encryption + Open VPN For Your Love for Public WiFi

 To ensure your data protection at the highest levels, ExpressVPN uses a strong 256-bit AES encryption – super strong encryption – but eliminates the brute force attack. The CIA or FBI protect the transmission of sensitive data, using AES-256 encryption. VPN tunneling protocols are the method to connect to a VPN server. Most users need the default (and most secure) “OpenVPN”, but ExpressVPN also supports SSTP, L2Tp/IPsec, and PPTP protocols to meet your specific needs.

Download ExpressVPN on every device

ExpressVPN supports Windows, Android, Linux (best UI in the industry), Mac, iPhone and iPad, Apple TV, Android TV box, Fire TV, Smart TV, PlayStation, routers, browsers and many more. There must be some device out there that remains unsupported; you will be hard-pressed to find it.

30 days money-back guarantee

Although ExpressVPN is expensive and does not offer a free trial to test its services you’ve 30 days to get back your investment, in case you don’t like the services being offered.

24/7 customer support

In an industry with notoriously lousy customer service, ExpressVPN’s 24/7 live support is its most-significant selling point. Unlike many providers with an old contact forms and laggy email chains, ExpressVPN live chat feature has been consistently rated one of the best in the business. So, if you ever run into any issues while protecting your online presence, ExpressVPN will be quick to redirect; see how fast responsive they are.

ExpressVPN Website Usability

once you land on ExpressVPN’s website, you’ll come across a huge array of blogs and how-to guides including active blogs for your daily queries, internet privacy guides to compliment your privacy consciousness and the ultimate stream sports guides to watch all the global sporting events happening globally.

Works with Netflix

As Netflix’s security protocols and procedures are becoming strict, it is increasingly rare to find Netflix supported VPN to test its credibility, while testing we were presented with a queue of films and TV shows that was different from the regularly scheduled programming. It should be noted that only three servers – USA (NY), Canada (Toronto), and UK (London) are compatible with Netflix and you will possibly run into a few proxy errors while streaming Netflix from non-U.S. servers.

The Not So-good Features Of ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Is Relatively Expensive

ExpressVPN boasts many features and perks; this is deserving enough charge a premium price for their services. Here’s how ExpressVPN subscription plans break down.

ExpressVPN Price and Discount

With their highest package which is as high as $12.95/month, it is far from a “budget service.” This might seem expensive, especially compared to the cost of some other VPN services. But don’t forget, “You get what you pay for”. And there are no exceptions to this when it comes to VPN providers. If you want to buy ExpressVPN, use any of your major credit cards, PayPal, other cards or use Bitcoin if you want to remain anonymous.

Limited simultaneous connection – only 3 devices with 1 subscription

If there is one complaint we have about ExpressVPN other than price, is the simultaneous use on three devices. This limit becomes frustrating whenever, ensuring the security of an entire family’s data and devices.

How Speedy ExpressVPN is?

The most strengthening aspect of  ExpressVPN has is their fast upload and download speeds.

Check the following results:

Without VPN the situation was;

  • Ping: 9ms
  • Download: 28.71 mbps
  • Upload: 12.20 mbps


Ping (ms)

Download (mbps)

Upload (mbps)

EU (Amsterdam)




Asia (HongKong)




US (New York)




With a 30 Mbps connection, we enjoyed a download speed of 27.76 Mbps; the fastest VPNs we’ve reviewed so far.

Always test speed with a grain of salt as it’s a game of so many variables, say your physical location, computer specs, Internet connection, etc.

Can you trust the VPN Provider?

Yes, you can trust ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN is a fantastic service loaded with the vast array of features to delight both novice and expert web-surfers alike.

The service keeps you fully anonymous, safe and secure; no matter where you’re surfing on its large pool of servers (2000+) their service won’t spoil your browsing sessions, and their customer service agents are 24/7 at your disposal. You get what you pay for – that’s a lot!

Final Verdict

ExpressVPN has almost everything ranging from multi-device support, a substantial number of servers with a wide geographic distribution, lots of the servers, BitTorrent support, and a user-friendly interface. But quite expensive, and doesn’t have as many simultaneous connections as many affordable VPN services have.

Terry Higgins

Terry Higgins is a Digital Content Writer at allbestVPN.com, who specializes in security and technology. He has ample experience in cybersecurity having a background of Computer Sciences.

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  1. ExpressVPN is indeed the fastest VPN for torrenting. I was using Ivacy earlier, but their connection always drop, though they are very economical, but service is not as good as ExpressVPN.

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