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  • 920+ servers in 190+ countries
  • Blazing fast downloading speed
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Supports P2P
  • Strong Encryption Protocols
  • Multiple Simultaneous Logins (up to 5)


  • Located inside 5 Eyes
  • Logs username and IP Addresses
  • Slow Customer Support

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HideMyAss VPN ReviewHideMyAss is a UK based VPN service which has a good number of 920 servers across the globe. Like other VPNs in the market, HideMyAss aims to help ensure privacy and unblocks restricted content on the web. Outstanding features like fast connection speed, robust encryption protocols, P2P downloading and a vast number of servers has made this VPN stand amongst some best VPNs in town.

HideMyAss VPN has over 80 employees in its London head office, all with one aim, to provide secure and protected web surfing. HMA has over 400 million subscribers, but it has been part of a controversy over its logging policy. HMA has made recent updates to redeem it and win back the loyalty of customers, but shady jurisdiction laws and confusing logging policy is a concern to many.

This review is to test how improved HideMyAss VPN has become and whether it is worth your money or not. Before we move on and discuss its features, let's have an overview of the VPN.

HideMyAss Review – Let’s Begin With the Overview

VPN Servers920+ servers in 190+ Countries
Offered ProtocolsPPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec
Level of Encryption Used256 bit AES Encryption
Dedicated Apps for all DevicesYes
Torrent friendlyYes
LocationUnited Kingdom (Five Eyes)
Support24/7 Live Chat Support
Zero-Log PolicyNo
Simultaneous Connection5

Jurisdiction Laws and Privacy do not go Hand-In-Hand

HideMyAss VPN is privately owned by Privax limited. Since HMA is London based which is a part of a five-eye alliance. Moreover, the UK has one of the strictest policies on privacy. It is very aggressive when it comes to spy on its own citizens and label it as “Due to National Security Reasons.”

HideMyAss was in controversy for LulzSec's hack arrest back in 2011, but the VPN now claims it has clear logging and privacy policy. What will HMA do if feds come knocking at their door and ask for one of their user’s data? Well, we haven’t seen a recent controversy yet; let time be the better judge.

Pick of the day, avoid any illegal activity on the web even while using a VPN, you never know when your government comes sniffing up.

Features and Pricing

HideMyAss VPN Pricing and Discount

HideMyAss VPN is sounded costly especially when you compare it with its competitors like Private Internet Access and IP Vanish. HMA pricing plans are as follows;

1 Month$11.99/month
12 Months$6.99/month
24 Months$4.99/month

HMA also offers a 36-Month limited offer plan which costs at $2.99/Month.

The monthly plan is the costliest, a significant saving is for the long-run plans.

HMA also offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you aren’t satisfied with the service, you can quickly get cash back. The money-back feature has its own unusual condition, it is only available unless you have used 10GB of data or fewer than 100 connections.

HideMyAss VPN Payment Methods

HMA accepts protected payments via MasterCard, VISA, Union Pay, PayPal, and AMEX. However, it does not allow Bitcoin or Altcoin payment methods which are quite common these days.

Servers and Performance

HideMyAss boasts about its server locations and its VPN’s wide mesh which is spread across the globe. Currently, it has over 920 servers in more than 190 countries, these numbers depict how strong HMA is in its domain.

HideMyAss VPN Servers and PerformanceSelecting servers with HMA is really easy; it gives you a list of servers to choose from.

In terms of performance, the software provides you with a speed guide, which allows you to select the fastest VPN services available. The software automatically tracks your geo-location and finds you the fastest server in the proximity to your location. This feature is super useful for fast surfing online. Talking of speeds, let’s see how fast it performed within our speed test.

Blazing Fast Speed

Testing how quick VPN is, requires special care as it shows how fast a VPN can be to its users. We tested HideMyAss on a 100MB internet connection and here are the results

US Server:

Ping: 98ms

Download: 61.23Mbps

Upload: 30.45 Mbps

Asia Server:

Ping: 247ms

Download: 27Mbps

Upload: 14.09Mbps

UK Server:

Ping: 45ms

Download: 68.43Mbps

Upload: 45.54Mbps

EU Server:

Ping: 41ms

Download: 63.32Mbps

Upload: 49Mbps

Strong Encryption & Protocols Support

There are many VPN protocols for handling connections online. HideMyAss uses these three VPN protocols;

  • OpenVPN
  • PPTP
  • L2TP/IPSec

Let’s compare these three VPN Protocols by Speed, Encryption Strength and Stability so that you’ll have a better idea of what to choose.

Encryption StrengthLowHighUltra-High
SpeedFastFastSuper Fast
StabilityComparatively UnstableStableStable

Did we mention that HideMyAss secures your browsing sessions with military-grade AES-256 encryption?

Ease of Use and Cross-Platform Compatibility

HideMyAss offers a wide range of custom softwares. It also offers up to 5 simultaneous connections on a single subscription; this gives you the liberty of connecting all devices with a paid subscription from HideMyAss VPN.

HideMyAss Supported OS

VPN Client for Windows

HMA offers a simple windows application which has a plain interface. After you complete the payment plan of the subscription, then it is time for setting up and installing the Windows client on your desktop. It is quite simple to set up HMA software on windows as it merely takes 5 minutes.

VPN Client for Mac OS

HMA offers its software client on the latest Mac OSX. However, it has its clients for the previous versions as well. The new Mac client has a 1-click install option for quick installation which as compared with its last version is an overhaul. The new application for Mac OSX runs smoothly with no hassles whatsoever.

VPN Client for Android

You can browse the internet while remain anonymous using HMA Android application. This app is compatible with all Android devices having Android 4.0 and versions above. This multi-language app is free to download and use when you have an HideMyAss subscription.

VPN Client for iOS

HideMyAss Pro VPN app for iPhone gives complete WiFi security and ensures private browsing. With this custom app, users can choose which protocol they would want to configure to. Top notch VPN protocols such as PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN are quite easy to set up with simple steps.

Here is a list of software clients HideMyAss VPN is compatible with and which can be easily downloaded;

  • Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 10)
  • Mac OS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux CLI OpenVPN Client

Other than custom built softwares, HMA also offers browser extensions for;

  • A custom browser extension for Chrome
  • A custom browser extension for Mozilla Firefox

No-Logging Claim and Its Exception

We all want that our web history remains private and no one should peek into it. When using a VPN, our prime goal is to hide our web activity from everyone, but little do we know that our VPN provider (if needed) can take logs of our activity on the web. This is haunting especially when you least expect it from your privacy companion.

HideMyAss VPN confirms in their logging policy that they hang on to some data. These include;

  • Username
  • Amount of data used (Uploaded and Downloaded)
  • Connection and Disconnection Timing
  • The actual IP address of the user
  • Fake IP address was given by VPN to the user

This is one of the greatest drawbacks of HMA. However, in contrast, it also tracks;

  • Spamming and file sharing for illicit activity
  • Use of the network for technical purposes
  • Fraud against the service (e.g., credit card fraud)

HideMyAss does its best to justify its actions, but this logging factor has cost them some controversial claims. Especially when it is based in a country which is part of the 5 eyes agreement.

Does HideMyAss Unblock Netflix?

It used to but sadly it's not the case today. However, HMA claims bold about unblocking content, but the ground realities are quite different.

When we tested HMA servers to access US Netflix, we could not find any luck. However, when we selected the streaming option on the desktop client from the drop-down of location mode, we witnessed that the US server worked and gave us access to Netflix US.

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Does HideMyAss Work in China?

HideMyAss does not work in China. Keeping in view how strict Chinese government is, even if HMA had worked in China we wouldn’t have suggested it because of its relaxed logging policy.

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Our Experience with Its Customer Service

HideMyAss customer support is quick and spontaneous. An email query is answered within 6- 8 hours by their tech representatives. Moreover, its FAQ section has answers to most of the common queries. HMA also has a live chat feature where you can ask as many queries you want before making a purchase.

HideMyAss VPN Customer Service

Why We Rated 3 out of 5 Stars

From the security point-of-view, HideMyAss is an absolute choice as it offers strong encryption, automatic WiFi protection and many other features that are common in top-notch VPNs. However, it’s logging policy, and shady jurisdiction issue is what haunts us the most.

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For the most part, HMA looks like an amazing VPN because there is no data cap and it also allows P2P downloading. However, their privacy policy can be a serious concern for privacy-conscious users. If you a privacy enthusiast then we do not recommend HMA to you, but if you need a fastest VPN support with the most robust encryption then go for HideMyAss as your VPN.

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