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how to unblock youtube

YouTube accounts for 149 million viewers monthly worldwide. With expanding its accessibility, YouTube is available to millions of users globally who upload, share, comment and like videos for multiple purposes.

But with a far end, scope; governments started controlling information that led to YouTube being blocked either temporarily or permanently and users are trying to fetch alternatives to unblock YouTube. Are you one of the victims of government control? In this blog, we will state the reason behind YouTubes block and how you can overcome the block without any hard work.

How to Unblock YouTube Videos With a Reliable Tool – VPN

Multiple countries use strong firewalls and encryption protocols to keep the website blocked in the region, and they have been successful for a very long time. There is always a way out, and today your solution is to use a VPN with breathtaking fast speeds that will enable you to penetrate military grade protocols to watch YouTube.

All you need to do is download the best VPN available and connect to the server where YouTube is working and Kazam. We have compiled a list of best VPNs that are tested for its security and reliability which will unblock YouTube videos online.  

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How to Unblock YouTube with a Proxy Website

A proxy is an alternative to a VPN which provides lesser security but gets the job done. While connecting to a proxy, the online traffic is filtered through the server to appear as if you are in a different location which allows you to avoid geo-restrictions and firewalls. There are three simple ways to connect a proxy:

  • Bridge manual connection through the browser
  • Use a Proxy website
  • Browser add-on

The internet is loaded with proxy websites which can be easily connected to but to load a new page you will have to refresh the proxy every time which will get frustrating and time-consuming. A viable option is to manual set up a proxy on your browser through a browser add-on. The add-ons will create a link between your server and the device with limited servers to choose from.

VPN VS Proxy –  Which is the Ultimate Tool to Unblock Youtube

A proxy will give you access to unblock YouTube sites easily with a fast connection but your identity will be visible online. Proxies do not encrypt your data which ultimately allows the ISPs to keep a check on the websites you visit, your page activities, user logs and the connection time. This is the biggest risk, as a VPN keeps user identity and privacy anonymous while providing access to watch YouTube.

Why is YouTube Blocked?

With a total of 195 countries, only a handful of states have blocked YouTube. The YouTube ban is on and off in many countries like Turkey, Pakistan and some of the African states. Most of the bans are imposed due to political and religious reasons. This was the case in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey and in many Islamic countries where a film created propaganda against the Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H), was uploaded on YouTube that started nationwide protests, and the government had to shut down YouTube.

Besides this, the government creates a blackout online to stop viewers to access content which happens quite often but users find ways to unblock YouTube videos one way or the other.

If you are residing outside the US, then you will not be able to watch YouTube TV because it is geo-blocked and only available to the US audience. While in certain situations due to political instability, the channel is blocked or made unavailable.

Another prime reason to block YouTube at educational and working premise is to stop children at school not to browse unethical videos; a network administrator may have restricted the access to YouTube in the school or company using a firewall. These restrictions are put in place to remove any distractions that could hinder the productivity of children. However, multiple children try to unblock YouTube at school using YouTube proxy or other DNS methods.

Countries Where YouTube is Blocked

YouTube started hitting obstacles when in 2006 Comedy Central lodged a complaint for copyright infringement that led to its content being removed from YouTube. This was after the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers, and Publishers issued removal requests from DMCA to remove 30,000 content pieces from the website.

This was the first wave that led to more investigations, and YouTube kept facing legal notices. Moreover, with time multiple countries have entirely blocked the search giants access keeping an entire nation in the dark; let's check them out:


The Chinese government restricts all access to videos that could cause public unrest and to safeguard its video streaming giant Youku.


Due to the Arab Spring and the Civil War that started in 2011, YouTube has been banned to avoid any more damages and unrest with the population.


With security reasons circling in the country, YouTube was blocked to prevent any threats, and since then it remains blocked.

North Korea

North Korea has strong internet restrictions because of the leadership which has blocked YouTube. Anyone trying to access the website even with authorization will lead to severe punishment.


The government of Iran blocked YouTube to prevent anti-Islamic content and political unrest from hitting the streets, while it provides a local internet to engage citizens and support Islamic morals.

NOTE: Unblocking YouTube in the countries mentioned above would incur heavy penalties if caught. To unblock YouTube video, we would recommend not to use any free tools, free services or any product that does not provide a legitimate guarantee of protection.

Final Thoughts

The ban on YouTube in multiple countries is a significant loss of the citizens who have no access to quality content, entertainment, educational videos, hindering globalization. YouTube will not be unblocked in China and Turkmenistan, some countries never lift the ban. Don’t wait for a silver lining and create your access to YouTube through the VPNs we have mentioned and connect to one as soon as possible to unblock YouTube.

The VPN will keep your identity and connection hidden and secure making you invisible in the eyes of the ISPs, network administrators and the government.

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