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Watch Football Online AnywhereFootball is the most popular sport in the world with an estimated 4 billion fans. The in-home global audience who watched at least one minute of FIFA 2018 coverage total 3.262 billion, while 309.7 million people watched the action on digital platforms, in bars and restaurants. If you want to watch football online without any restriction or hassle then here is your ultimate guide.

In this guide, we have listed surefire ways to watch football online anonymously. But before we jump into details let’s dig into some popular channels who broadcast Football games all year long online.

Official Channels and Websites That Broadcast Football matches

Channel NameCountryCable Subscription NecessaryWhere Can You Watch it Without Subscription
ESPNUnited StatesNo
Sky SportsUnited KingdomNo
Ten SportsIndiaNoLive streaming on many websites
Sport 1HungaryYes
Nova SportsGreeceYes
Fox SportsUnited StatesNoFuboTV, DirectNow, YoutubeTV, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV
beIN SportsAustralia and New ZealandNofuboTV, Sling TV
BT SportUnited KingdomYes
RMC SportFranceYes

Most of these channels are geo-restricted in many regions of the world. First we will provide you the hacks to bypass restrictions and other problems while streaming football games. Let’s check out the hacks now!

The Best Hacks to Watch Football Online

The VPN Way Out!

A true football fan just not only watches when the home team gets featured, but they also enjoy the mastery of footwork sprinkled with the triumph of goals no matter the league or country.

It is very frustrating to get locked out on streaming your favorite sport just because borders interfere. If some tournament is unavailable in your country, then it is advised to use a VPN to stream football matches.

Choosing the right VPN for your needs is often time consuming, so we thought let us serve you with 5 best in the market.

The Best 5 Kodi Add-ons to Watch Football Online

Kodi is an amazing platform to satisfy your cravings to watch football online. A Kodi box is all you need to watch your favorite stars in action. All you need to do is to install the listed add-ons that are tested working.

Here’s our list for best Kodi add-ons to watch football online.

  • SportsDevil
  • DC Sports
  • Bob Unleashed
  • Maverick TV
  • Halow TYV Live


It is one of the oldest working Kodi add-ons to watch football online. Other than football you can also enjoy all sorts of sporting events including the NFL games. Since this add-on is located in “Fusion,” so if you don’t have fusion installed here’s a guide on how to install SportDevil in the absence of Fusion.

  1. Before we start, make sure that you have a TV add-ons repository installed.
  2. Go to Kodi home screen and select Add-ons. Then click the cog icon and enable installation from unknown sources.
  3. Go to the home screen again and select settings.
  4. Then go to file manager and add source.
  5. Type “http://fusion.tvaddons.ag” without quotes in the URL box.
  6. Enter Fusion as the name in the box that appears and click OK.
  7. Return to the home screen and click add-ons browser.
  8. Select xbmc repos and enter English as a preferred language.
  9. Select reposoitory.unofficialsportsdevil-1.0.0.zip as the repository.
  10. Now install from the repository and choose unofficial sports devil repository.
  11. Click video add-ons and select SportDevil and then click install.
  12. SportDevil can be accessed from the home screen from the addon screen.
  13. You are done! Enjoy unrestricted streaming of football online.

DC Sports

It is truly a great football add-on to watch the latest matches around the world. DC Sports has 47 channels, and some of them stream in high definition. This third-party video plug-in is best for watching football live on Kodi. Since DC Sport is not legal, we will recommend you to use a Kodi VPN to stream with full anonymity. Here’s how you can setup DC sport on Kodi;

  1. Go to Kodi home screen and select “settings.”
  2. Go to “File Manager” and select “Add Source.”
  3. Select “None” and enter this path without quotes, “http://ares-repo.eu/.”
  4. Rename it as “Ares” and click OK.
  5. Go to Kodi home screen and select Addons.
  6. Click package installer icon shown at the top of your screen.
  7. then Select “Install from Zip File > Ares > repository.aresproject > repository.aresproject.zip
  8. Wait for the notification entitled as “Ares Wizard Enabled.”
  9. Now select “install from repo > Ares Project > Video Add-ons > DC Sports > Install.
  10. Download and installation process will start automatically.
  11. Select “Add-ons” and go to Video Add-ons.
  12. Choose DC Sports, and You are done!

BoB Unleashed

If you are searching for a good Kodi add-on than Bob Unleashed is worth a shot. You will find a huge collection of TV shows, Movies, Cartoons and can also stream live sports events. This add-on has a diversified user base, so without further ado let’s jump in and see how to install BoB unleashed on Kodi.

  1. Kodi home screen > settings
  2. Select file manager
  3. Add Source
  4. Select “none” and type “http://noobsandnerds.com/portal/” without quotes in the URL box.
  5. Rename it nanrepo and click OK.
  6. Go to the home screen again and go to add-ons.
  7. Select Addon browser
  8. Install the zip file and select nanrepo, repository.noobsandnerds-x.x.zip.
  9. Wait for the Add-on enabled notification.
  10. Select install from repository
  11. Then Select noobsandnerds repo
  12. Go to Video Add-ons and select BoB unleashed
  13. Click install and wait for Add-on enabled notification
  14. Done! Now find BoB unleashed add-on under Video Add-on.

Once we are done with these steps, then all you need to do is to go to video add-on and select Bob Unleashed and enjoy Kodi football streams.

Maverick TV

It is considered as one of the best add-ons to watch football stream online. The maverick TV gives users full control of unrestricted access of IPTV channels are a great source of entertainment, especially for football fans.

  1. Go to Kodi and from your main menu select setting.
  2. Go to file manager and click add source
  3. Select “None” and enter this link “http://mavericktv.net/mavrepo” and click OK.
  4. Go back to the main menu and click Add-ons
  5. Select Add-on package installer and click install from the ZIP file.
  6. Select “Maverick” from the box that appears.
  7. Click repository.maverickrepo-3.0.zip
  8. Wait for the notification that appears on the top right of the screen
  9. Click install from repository
  10. Now click Maverick TV Repo
  11. Click Video Add-ons >Click Maverick TV > Click Install

Once you are done with all the steps above, then simply select video Add-ons and select Maverick TV add-on. Now enjoy favorite football matches on your TV screens with the best Kodi add-on.

Halow Live TV

It is renowned for streaming high definition football matches from around the globe. Halow TV has an enormous library of channels that give access to many sports events. Halow live TV is located in Halow Repo, and all you need to do is to install Halow repo and its video add-on. Here is a quick way to install Halow Live TV football add-on on Kodi.

  1. From the Kodi home screen, go to settings.
  2. Then click on File manager and Add Source
  3. Select “None” and enter this URL in the box “http://kurdmovie.net/repo/.”
  4. Rename it as “Halow Repo” and Click OK.
  5. Go back to the home screen and click Package Installer Icon on the top left corner.
  6. Now go to Install from Zip and select repository.HalowTV-x.x.x.zip.
  7. Select install from repository after getting a notification that the add-on is installed successfully.
  8. Now go to Halow repository and go to Video add-on and select Halow Live TV add-on.
  9. Now look at the bottom right, there will be a button that says “Install.”
  10. Wait for the notification to pop-up.
  11. Viola! You are done.

Once you come across all those steps, select video add-ons and choose Halow Live TV and start watching football on Kodi.

Now, let’s check out the issues one can face while trying to watch football live streaming.

The Issues Associated with Watching Football Online

Watching streams is not hassle-free; there are times when football lovers run into problems like geo-restrictions and native commentary. Additionally, there are cases when people are traveling, and their favorite football league is around the corner, they feel helpless and annoyed. Some of those issues are:

Geo Restrictions are Annoying

Most channels are geo-restricted which means they do not offer their services to other regions. Different website uses different techniques to identify a website visitor; some use time zones to identify from where the visitor is accessing the website, but since it is very deceivable, many use the IP address to determine the exact location of the visitor.

The justification from streaming website is plain and simple; they argue that the owner of the content they stream, limits them via license or copyrights.

Non-native commentary Native Language Commentary Limits Enjoyment

There are times when Non-Native commentary limits zest of the moment, mainly because you fail to understand what the commentator says. Watching a heated moment in a Football match in Arabic has its own feel, but many of us would love if the moment would be in our native language.

While Travelling On A Journey To Another Country

Imagine purchasing a subscription for ESPN and leaving for an office trip to Dubai. You will regret why you bought the subscription and will miss your favorite sport. This indeed is annoying and is common in many cases where people travel to another country, and due to geo-restrictions miss, their stars play football.

If all those issues are restricting you to enjoy football online, then you are at the right place right time reading this guide.

The Major Football Events

Football is becoming increasingly popular day by day. The global reach of the sport is reaching new heights in terms of sponsors and media coverage. FIFA World Cup 2014 total revenue collected was $4.83 billion and was said to be $6.1 billion for last year’s World cup. The numbers indicate how popular the sport is and how much its fans can pay to watch their stars play.

Following is an overview of the popular football events played across the globe with a little insight.



  • LA LIGA is a Spanish league where 20 clubs compete every year for the title.
  • FC Barcelona is the current champion 2017-2018
  • Real Madrid has won most titles (33 times)

Barclays Premier League

  • Barclays Premier League is an English league that is contested by 20 clubs every year.
  • Manchester City is crowned champion for 2017-2018
  • Manchester United has won the most titles (13 times)

League 1

  • League 1 is a French League where 20 teams compete for the title every year.
  • Teams from Monaco and France take part in the competition.
  • Paris Saint-Germaine is the current champion of the league.


  • Bundesliga is a German football competition where 18 teams contest for the title every year.
  • Bayern Munich is the current champion of the league and has won the most titles (27 times)

Serie A

  • Serie A is an Italy based professional league soccer competition where 20 teams compete for the win every year.
  • Juventus is the current champion of the 2017-2018 season and also has won most titles (34 times)

Global Events

FIFA World Cup

  • FIFA World Cup is held after every four years.
  • A global contest of football where 211 countries compete for the cup.
  • France is the current winner of the FIFA World Cup 2018.
  • Brazil has won the most number of titles (5 times)
  • The 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup is scheduled in 2022 in Qatar

FIFA Confederations Cup

  • FIFA Confederations Cup is held after every four years.
  • The confederation cup is contested among winners of continental champions and world cup champion.
  • Germany won its first title in 2017 after beating Chile 1-0 in the Final of the Confederations Cup.
  • Brazil has won most titles (4 times)
  • Qatar is said to host the FIFA Confederations Cup in November 2022.

UEFA Champions League

  • UCL is the League of Champions; it is contested among winners of top European leagues and for some nations one or more runner ups.
  • This event takes place every year.
  • Real Madrid defeated Liverpool 3-1 in 2018 UCL Final and became the first club to win Champions League 3 times in a row.
  • Real Madrid is the most successful club in UCL history with 13 title wins.

Football Events of 2019 and Their Schedule

Football AssociationsEvent TitleDateCountry
FIFA2019 FIFA U-20 World CupMay 23 – June 15Poland


2019 Women’s World CupJune 7 – July 7France
2019 FIFA U-17 World CupOctober 5 – October 27Peru
UEFA (National Teams)2019 UEFA European Under 17 ChampionshipMay 3- May 19Ireland
2019 UEFA Women’s Under 17 ChampionshipMay 5 – May 17Bulgaria
2019 UEFA Nations League FinalsJune 5 – June 9Portugal
2019 UEFA European Under-21 ChampionshipJune 16 – June 30Italy and San Marino
2019 UEFA European Under-19 ChampionshipJuly 7 – July 20Armenia
2019 UEFA Women’s Under-19 ChampionshipJuly 16 – July 28Scotland
UEFA (Clubs)2018–19 UEFA Women’s Champions LeagueSeptember 12, 2018 – May 18, 2019Final will be in Budapest
2018–19 UEFA Champions LeagueSeptember 18, 2018 – June 1, 2019Final will be in Spain Madrid
2018–19 UEFA Europa LeagueSeptember 20, 2018 – May 29, 2019Final will be in Azerbaijan Baku
2019 UEFA Super CupAugust 14thIstanbul, Turkey
AFC (National Teams)2019 AFC U-16 Women’s ChampionshipSeptember 15 – 28Thailand
2019 AFC U-19 Women’s ChampionshipOctober 27 – November 9Thailand
SAFF2019 SAFF Women’s ChampionshipMarch 12 – 22Nepal
CAF (National Teams)2019 Africa U-20 Cup of NationsFebruary 24 – March 10Niger
2019 Africa U-17 Cup of NationsMay 12 – May 26Tanzania
2019 Africa Cup of NationsJune 21 – July 19Egypt
2019 Africa U-23 Cup of NationsNovember 8 – 22Egypt
CAF (Clubs)2019 CAF Super CupMarch 29Qatar
2019 CAF Super CupAugust 2019TBA
CONCACAF2019 CONCACAF Gold CupJune 18 – July 18United States
2019 CONCACAF Men’s Olympic Qualifying ChampionshipOctober 3 – October 15Costa Rica
LA LIGA2018–19 La Liga17 August 2018 – 26 May 2019Spain
Premier League2018–19 Premier League10th August 2018 – 12th May 2019United Kingdom
Bundesliga2018 – 19 Bundesliga24 August 2018 – 18 May 2019Germany
Ligue 12018 – 19 Ligue 110 August 2018 – 25 May 2019France
Serie A2018 – 19 Serie A18 August 2018 – 26 May 2019Italy

Watch the Biggest Football events live online

Watch La Liga

La Liga is a star-studded Spanish league which takes place every year. A total of 62 teams have taken part in the completion till date and 9 have crowned champions. Real Madrid has won the title 33 times followed by Barcelona’s 25.

La Liga is a popular sports league which attracted more than 14 Million people in their stadiums for the previous season 2017-18. This is the largest number ever recorded in a Spanish league. The number is said to increase in coming years as per the previous trend.

Stars like 5 – time Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi, A French Goal-scoring machine Antoine Griezmann, Captain of the Croatian football team Luka Modric, the Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez and many more compete for the La Liga title.

La Liga started in 1929, and only 10 clubs participated in the event, until 1934 when 2 clubs were added, and the total number increased to 12. From 1997 to present the league’s format is limited to have 20 teams, not more nor less.

Watch Bundesliga

Bundesliga is a German football league with the most stadium attendees in football leagues. 54 clubs have competed in this league as yet, and Bayern Munich has won 27 titles which are more than any other club. Bundesliga is ranked 5th among UEFA’s league coefficient as per the performance over five years.

Bundesliga was founded by German Football Association and is now operated by German Football League.

The Bundesliga league comprises up of 18 teams that compete to win the title. Bayern Munich is crowned champion of the competition. Prominent players that play the league include “the Wall” Manuel Neuer, “A Shining Star” Thomas Muller, “The Lightning Fast” Marco Reus and many others. Bundesliga is regarded highly because many of the German national players perform and compete with each other to crown their team with the title.

Watch French League

Ligue 1 is a French football league that is administered by Ligue De Football Professionnel. Ligue 1 is a primary football competition which operates on a system of promotion and relegation with Ligue  2.

20 teams compete in Ligue 1 and season runs from August to May. The format is similar to that of premier league where each team plays with a team twice one game in the home and one away. The last three teams are relegated and replaced by three leading teams from Ligue 2.

Ligue 1 started under the name of “National” in 1932 and was later changed to Division 1. In 2002, the association decided to change the name to Ligue 1.

“As Monaco” is the only foreign team that participates in the competition which makes Ligue 1 a cross-border event.

Watch Barclays Premier League

The premier league is a top English professional football league where 20 clubs compete for the cup. Manchester city is the winner of the previous season 2017-18 of the competition. Premier league is a star-studded league where prominent players from all around the world compete. The previous season was a little boring when Liverpool climbed on top of the top and then a sudden collapse of Manchester United and Manchester City winning the title at the end.

The premier league had its first season in 1992 in which 22 teams participated. Brian Deane scored the first goal of the competition when Sheffield United defeated Manchester United 2-1.

The teams play twice with one another, one in their home ground and one in theirs. A win is awarded 3 points, a draw for 1 and no points are given for a loss.

Teams are ranked according to the points, and three teams that scored the lowest points are then relegated to EFL championship. Three teams that score most points in EFL championship are promoted to English Premier League.

Watch UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League is an annual club football competition which is also known as UCL. It is one of the most prestigious football events after FIFA World Cup and is contested by national league champions.

Champions’ league started in 1955 with the name of “European Champion Clubs Cup” which commonly became popular as the name of “European Cup.” Back then it was a straight knockout tournament where 16 teams participated.

Real Madrid has won most titles of the competition with 13 wins. Real Madrid is also the defending champion of the tournament; they defeated Liverpool 3-1 in what was expected to be a close contest.

Spanish clubs have won the title 18 times followed by England and Italy which have won 12 times a piece.

As of 2018 – 2019, the winning team can earn €82,450,000 of prize money. The tournament is sponsored by many multinational corporations and is an eye-catcher for many football fans.

Watch FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is an international football competition that takes place every four years. The format of the competition includes qualification phase which is followed by the tournament phase often called as the World Cup Finals.


A total of 32 teams qualify for the World Cup finals, including the host nation which qualifies automatically. FIFA World Cup was founded 89 years ago in 1930, and 21 tournaments have been played. Brazil is the only team that has played all tournaments and has won it five times, the most by any country. Italy and Germany have won it four times each. Argentina, France, and Uruguay have won two titles each and England and Spain have won a piece each. 17 Countries have hosted the prestigious event of Football and Qatar is said to host the 2022 World Cup, and 2016 will be jointly hosted by the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


The FIFA Women’s World Cup is a prestigious football event that takes place every four years. The first tournament was played in China in 1991. There have been 7 tournaments so far won by 4 countries. The United States is the current champion, it lifted off the trophy in 2015 FIFA Women’s Cup. France is to host the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Final Words

We know it’s a long read, but indeed it is worth reading for Football live stream.

Are all of you football fans satisfied with the information above? Share your experience of watching football games online in the comments section below and enlighten others with your experience on the web.

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