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  • AES 256 Encryption
  • Kill Switch
  • Netflix Supported
  • Torrenting allowed
  • Double VPN
  • Native mobile apps


  • Jurisdiction laws are shady
  • Refund takes 30 day to process

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NordVPN Website

When it comes to foolproof security and privacy online, only a few providers ensure maximum protection, and NordVPN is one of them. This VPN provider was launched back in 2012 and became a trustable name in the VPN industry due to its enhanced features and giving control of security around the globe. NordVPN is currently protecting the digital rights of 8 million people across all continents. The company provides 5000+ servers in 62 countries; you can browse freely, download torrents, and get access to foreign websites also.

NordVPN offers robust security protocols including Onion Tor which works as an additional security measure. We went on with NordVPN review through analyzing all the minor details and concluded whether we deem this is a credible VPN provider or not. Let’s see further in our in-depth review.

Security Features

Automatic Kill Switch:

NordVPN consists of two separate Kill Switch. One comprises of Windows and MacOS while the other is Android and iOS. The Kill switch provided gives the best security performance and a secure tunnel that ensures 100% protection while the connection is lost.

Onion Over VPN:

Download NordVPN and you will be facilitated with Tor Onion, bringing an added security layer to your streaming needs. Tor is built in on the website, and you don’t have to switch it on every time you flip the VPN.

Servers and Locations

NordVPN servers are in high numbers, and the company is proud to support 5230 servers in 62 countries. We tested the majority of the servers and were satisfied with its reach. The company claims to expand further soon. All these servers are spread according to the Countries. Each country has a list of dedicated servers for use.

Asia Pacific

466 servers

Africa, the Middle East and India

59 servers

United States

2354 servers


2379 servers

All the servers present in the regions above are currently optimized and P2P support having no bandwidth limits. That means bandwidth logs are not kept by the VPN provider.

NordVPN Fast Speed Tests

After the NordVPN download, we maintained a benchmark of 95 to 110 Mbps upload and download speed and the speed test was conducted for a few hours where in between servers were switched to see the optimum result. We choose three regions from which NordVPN servers were manually selected to record the best speed.

US ServerAsia Server
Ping: 101msPing: 211ms
Download: 56 MbpsDownload: 12 Mbps
Upload: 29 MbpsUpload: 5 Mbps
European Server
Ping: 37ms
Download: 74 Mbps
Upload: 48 Mbps

NordVPN passes our speed test check as we did not face any lags or buffering issues. Our device did not see any glitches or system tweaks. The speeds were fast and above average.

Good for browsing US Netflix

NordVPN torrenting takes a big toll on our review, and we wanted to inquire if their servers have dedicated NordVPN Netflix servers. We contacted the support team who directed us towards the Netflix support page where they have mentioned the dedicated servers for it.

Watch Netflix with NordVPN

Transparent No-Log Policy

This VPN providers No-Log policy mentioned not to retain any user activities, and they assure users with a transparency report which is of the current month. There have been no incidents reported so far regarding data leaks. They have no interest to keep log sessions, connection time and bandwidth records.

Fast Live Customer Support Available

NordVPN support provides live chat feature and Email. Any customer or the hopeful user can avail the live chat feature. Go to their website and seek this option. The representative will respond within a few seconds.

NordVPN Customer Support

Also, NordVPN provides a category where options can be availed of the problem you seek. All the options mentioned above are related to the general problems you will generally face. Check the FAQs, and your query will be solved hopefully without moving to the live chat option.

Location Jurisdiction laws are shady

While going through NordVPN support, we came across that NordVPN uses a payment processor which is based in the US. The payment processor company called CloudVPN is based outside Panama in the US. It’s self-explanatory that being under the US jurisdiction the payment processor company is answerable to working under the authority of the US.

NordVPN replies with a statement saying “CloudVPN is not a third party company while it’s based in the US,” while in reality, it is a third party company. This is a significant con in our NordVPN review.

Torrenting with P2P servers

NordVPN supports P2P servers, and a specific tab is located on the NordVPN server list which states all the servers that offer P2P. After testing those servers, we came across average speeds, and it was not the best speed we have seen considering the about of P2P servers they provide.

Cheap Pricing and Payment Plans

Nord offers four pricing plans amongst which we recommend one of them.

NordVPN Price and Discount

The monthly plan is pricey comparing what competitors are providing. The 3-year plan is something that is counted as a pro for us because it’s cost friendly. However, keep in mind you need to pay the wholesome amount beforehand.

Moving on this VPN provider gives all the mainstream payment options PayPal, Credit Cards and digital currency if it’s not illegal in your country. That’s not it; 6 simultaneous device connections are provided which are Chrome, Firefox, iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows with its phone clients that are fast.

You can avail it through the NordVPN chrome extension easily downloadable through App Store after which you need to use the NordVPN login page. A refund can be made as well within 30 days.

IP and DNS Leak Tested

NordVPN guarantees it does not leak IP or DNS. This is because NordVPN operates their DNS servers. So far we not seen any discussion on the forum maybe they will start my Car. We checked multiple times and manipulated the incident.

Refund will take 30 Days

This is something that we found odd, and for a VPN provider, this is not a good sign. The 30-day refund policy takes the entire 30 days for them to process the refund request. Once requested it should be refunded within a few days. But this is not the case. Users will have to wait and be patient.

Experience Kodi through NordVPN

Surprisingly, we inquired through the live chat support and found NordVPN supports Kodi and has a dedicated support page that has all the FAQs and guides to install and configure Kodi on different operating systems and devices. This is a plus for Kodi users, and NordVPN can be marked as a Kodi supported VPN provider.

Final Words

NordVPN is a good VPN provider having outstanding features and a nice strategic approach towards providing privacy. They handle queries and concerns in a timely manner, but we believe the pricing plan is not at par as only the 3-year plan seems cost friendly. It operates in Panama that says a lot about the safety but its payment processing company can keep and retain details. That can happen.

We are not sure whether they keep logs or not. But we can assume with high confidence that they can easily store logs through the company Cloud VPN. Regardless of this, NordVPN download is simple. Follow the procedure, and the NordVPN support will help you along the way.

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